Counselling And Stress Management – “it is not your fault but it is your responsibility”, Dr. Joe Vitale

What is counselling? What does stress management mean? Why would you decide to embark upon this route? What can it offer you?

Simple – sometimes in our lives we need help in finding meaning to events, assistance dealing with losses, perceived or otherwise, ‘failures – ‘oh no I have done it AGAIN syndrome’ and sometimes just a sounding board as we work through different issues. We may not like our behaviour but feel powerless to change it. Bring your shopping list of problems you want addressed. Counselling is tailored to your needs and always under review so that goals can be re-defined as you progress.

Stress management links into the region of cognitive therapies and helps you address the way you respond to situations i.e. WE FEEL THE WAY WE THINK A.T. Beck and People are disturbed not by things, but by the views which they take of them. Epictetus (AD 55-135).

The essence of good counselling is to help empower you, the client, to be the guiding light in your life and to become self-determined rather than other-determined and to enjoy healthy self-esteem and ultimately a realistic level of happiness. Happiness is, for some, a sense of peace and for some it heralds the return of joy and ease, getting oneself back in the flow of life.

HAPPINESS IS OUR BIRTHRIGHT His Holiness the Dalai Llama

Tina uses a combination of cognitive therapy, the intuitive aspects taken from over 700 hours of workshops and Steps to Leadership groups with the Psychology of Vision, her training in breathwork, role play, a variety of energy healing methods and training in Life Coaching. She acknowledges the inner child we all have and is well versed and trained in healing dissociated and fragmented parts. Tina recognises that we are all different and whilst one method might suit one person, it may not suit another so has developed a flexible tool box of therapies.

Some of the philosophy that underpins Tina’s work is that of the Psychology of Vision’s therapeutic, ground breaking Triangle model written by Dr. Chuck Spezzano. Tina has licence from the Psychology of Vision to run the 90 module Steps to Leadership courses that are run on the basis of friends helping friends.

Together, your current situation and shopping list for change is assessed, your goals are clarified and agreed and so the journey begins.

‘The purpose of the false self is to defend against pain – not deal with reality’ Robert Firestone

There are also opportunities to join small groups and participate in workshops. Tina runs regular healing evenings/group and organises social events two or three times a year. A great deal of healing takes place within a group setting with participants who are supportive, friendly and open minded.

Sessions are usually around one and a half hours long but when dealing with trauma can be longer and are charged pro-rata i.e. you pay for exactly what you receive – no more, no less.

Why wait? You are definitely worth it. THIS WILL WORK, IF YOU DO.