Soul Retrieval and The Inner Child Healing

Heaven is the decision I must make – A Course in Miracles

Soul Retrieval, sometimes known as inner child therapy, can be and is carried out using counselling, shamanic methods, non-directive hypnotherapy, through breathwork, meditation, role play, through visualisation and in using energy work. There are many ways to achieve this beautiful experience and integration and there is one right for you.

Do you experience a soul loss? Do you experience a feeling of emptiness that you can’t quite pinpoint? Do you feel there is something missing? Do you feel lonely sometimes?

Maybe this is for you? Maybe this is what you have been waiting for?

Certainly soul retrieval can be one of the most beneficial and life changing experiences for the client to find and integrate a lost part of the self and return that part to the whole.

Sometimes with counselling alone it is not possible for the client to find these missing parts without extra intervention. They may have detached and/or dissociated so completely during times of stress and trauma during childhood or later that this part is lost to them. The client can become unaware not only of the event that caused them to separate but even that there is a missing part of the self. There is just a feeling of being lost or lonely.

These soul parts and inner child fragments hold great gifts as well as opportunities to heal the past and move forward into the present.

One method is to achieve a state of relaxation which is induced using non-directive hypnotherapy and the client can they be accompanied on their journey to find the missing part or fragment which may be experienced as an object. This fragment having been found and brought back, if that is its wish, and having expressed itself is then integrated using a breath technique known as Quantum Dynamics. Sometimes, if the fragment isn’t willing to trust the host immediately, agreement is reached to meet again later.

There are several other methods of achieving soul integration and Tina is practised with working with them to achieve the desired goal of the client.

‘It takes more than a sudden leap to change a life. It takes a conscious act, a decision to take our life into our hands’ Mildred Newman and Bernard Berkowitz

One of Tina’s passions is Inner Child work and she encourages homework and self-help to run alongside therapy. Inner child work is interwoven into all the processes and is seen as an integral part of healing. Much as for soul retrieval, there are many ways to work, some of which use dialogue and some light relaxation states. Dynamic Theatre is a perfect medium for this work too.

This is a vast and involved subject and there is much literature on the subject. Please see the reading for recommendations. Tina’s own favourite authority on this subject is John Bradshaw whose work she came across in the 1980’s but re-read in 2011. It is as fresh and relevant as ever.

Have a happy journey coming home to self!