Negative Energy Clearing, Spiritual Intrusion, Spirit Release

Never give up on anybody’ – Senator Hubert H Humphrey

A ghost is just a lost soul trapped in the traumatic memory of their
death hoping for somebody kind to come along and help. L Kin

SIn response to needs and demands that came regularly from clients and indeed from animals and their owners, Tina has set up a sister website and service with her partner Ric Cuminetti whose launch on the internet was a few years ago. It was a big decision to go public with this information but one that has not been regretted as has helped countless people around the world since its inception.

It deals with the controversial subject of negative energy clearing and spiritual intrusion, something that the psychiatric profession may identify as pseudo possession. A small percentage of people who are experiencing difficulties are genuinely troubled by outside forces. This is Tina’s findings over the years but has also been noted by others in the profession.

You are encouraged to visit the website of the Spirit Release Foundation at for more information on this subject. The SRF was set up in 2001 by Dr. Alan Sanderson with other founder members and has an eclectic mix of psychiatrists, counsellors, psychotherapists, intuitive healers and energy workers. Tina and her partner Riccardo Cuminetti are both on the Council of the  SRF. She is listed as a practitioner and of course operates under the codes of conduct set out by the SRF for good practice. You can join the SRF as a member and do not have to be a practitioner.

A great deal of people think and indeed believe that they are troubled by outside forces – and the current popularity of ghost hunting with the media doesn’t help – but are actually troubled by their own internalised critical intrusion/voice(s); that being the case – therapy would be a very helpful tool. However sometimes the presence of outside forces is the culprit and is definitely worth a visit. 

There is a very simple list of symptom checks to go through on the website if you feel that any of this resonates with you.

It is relatively inexpensive to have a complete remote viewing or scan which takes two people around an hour to carry out, to ascertain where the problem is coming from and indeed to deal with it where possible, then she can be more informed and able to decide upon the next step together. One to one sessions are also available and these can also be undertaken by telephone.

There are certainly places and locations where negative energy is felt and this can and does affect the living and deal with land and property issues too.

Not least, animals can be affected deleteriously by attachments and intrusions and Tina is competent in this field having had many years’ experience.

It may also be noted that she is regularly asked by parents and guardians to help clear children of intrusions and has many testimonials from parents to the success of this approach. Children are less able to defend themselves against psychic intrusion and therefore can be more vulnerable to attack.

One way in which adults are affected by these attachments is that their fragmented parts, which can separate at times of trauma, can still be held in the grips of spiritual intrusion even into late life. Luckily this is not too difficult to ascertain and even deal with during the remote viewing procedure although a follow-up integration session may be advised which can be done via the telephone if distance is a problem.

Please see the reading list and/or website – for more information.