Healing And Energy Work – animals, people and places

               To thine own self be true – William Shakespeare

Healing isn’t done to you – it is received by you. Healing utilises your own body’s energy system, sometimes called the chakra system, to help you heal yourself.

Animal Healing In 1997 Tina met the world famous horse trainer Monty Roberts and attained his Preliminary Certificate of Horsemanship at Whitney College, Oxfordshire. So began a path of love and healing not only for others but for herself on a journey of discovery. During this course, which took Tina away from home, Tina’s horse Zipper (now deceased) had a serious accident. She learnt the energy system of healing called Reiki to help him as his situation was dire and he needed a high input of assistance to support recovery. Meeting Monty Roberts and training in Reiki ranks amongst one of the best things that happened to Tina and of course Zipper, who totally recovered, benefitted too. Zipper also had significant input from Gavin Scofield who is a Registered Osteopath who is known and respected worldwide for his work with horses. You can find Gavin on the internet. He comes with the highest recommendation from many experiences over a period of some 15 years of knowing him and some of the horses he has worked with. Tina continues to practice healing, not only with animals but with people too.

Tina’s greatest teachers in healing were particularly horses, but also cats, dogs, chickens and anything else she was brought. She worked almost exclusively with horses for the first two years of practice which fitted in with her work with troubled horses and has some stories to tell. However, as time went on, people started asking for Tina’s help for themselves and so the work became 50/50 animals and people. It is currently 90/10 with people taking the foreground.

To some extent the effectiveness of Reiki has been scientifically proven to change brain waves and there are various links on the internet to this research; indeed, Reiki is fairly well accepted in the NHS now and some hospitals employ practitioners. Tina has stacks of thank you letters and cards from the work she has done over the years.

Her partner, Riccardo Cuminetti, is also a Reiki practitioner to Level III and Tina became a Master teacher/practitioner in late 1998 and has taught and helped countless people and their animal friends.

A healing session is normally around an hour, it involves lying peacefully, fully clothed whilst energy flows through the healer to the receiver. It is generally accepted that this energy would be called universal life force energy. More simply, Tina would call it love – unconditional love.

During a session there can be a variety of experiences ranging from seeing beautiful colours to having memories surface and an ensuing emotional release. What is never doubted with Reiki or energy healing is that there seems to be a natural joining of mind, body and soul so that some kind of unity and peace is achieved. This is what is most typically reported by clients.

Where there is doubt about energy healing Tina always uses the example of animals – she has yet to meet an animal that doesn’t – sometimes it takes a while – relax and receive healing and use it to whatever purpose it is required. Animals have such wisdom and rarely seem to have to blocks to receiving unless they have experienced a lot of pain and/or trauma in which case it may take time whilst they come to understand that their body is no longer something to be afraid of. Animals, just like humans, dissociate from a painful body and traumatic memories.

Tina studied several methods of healing from several different schools and teachers and so prefers to describe here skills as simply ‘energy healing’ and therefore not belonging to any particular doctrine, although she does teach Reiki to the Usui system. Healing has always been and still is a passion for Tina – she welcomes clients who request this. There is a monthly group for healers – a healing share group for which there is a nominal charge.

She also practises remote healing, not only for animals and people but also for land and property. Sometimes it is not always easy to get to a session so it is perfectly okay to have healing remotely.

There is a wealth of information on Reiki on the internet but the best way to know is to experience it.