Dynamic Theatre – an action method

‘When ego steps out of the way, you give space for the heart and the soul to step forward’

Dynamic Theatre, affectionately known at DT, was the idea and creation of Mark Wentworth and Filipe de Moura in the early 2000’s. Tina’s first experience was in 2006 in Bristol and she graduated through the training in 2008 in Portugal. Since 2007 Tina has been running DT workshops for small groups in Welwyn Garden City and they continue to be well supported and attended.

Here is part the introduction from the Dynamic Theatre website

“Dynamic Theatre gives you the freedom to let go and remember how it is to play again. Watch any group of children play and within minutes not only will you feel the energy levels and laughter rise but the creativity and imagination that flows with it is totally inspiring to be around. Now imagine transferring that level of inspiration and creativity into your own life or into your business, seemingly unsolvable problems now become creative new directions, a tired and unmotivated team remembers how it is to play again making them highly motivated team players for your business success.“

What DT offers is a unique synthesis of systemic constellations, shamanism and psychodrama. The pure joy of it is that it is played ‘blind’ in that any role you undertake in service to the group or in one-to-one therapy, is incognito. This means that, if you have no idea of what you are dramatizing or what you are playing, the truth or hidden dynamic will emerge without being affected by the conscious mind and offence cannot be taken. DT is a direct pathway to the sub-conscious mind and therefore a very effective therapy tool in every possible way. Tina, having worked with the modality for 5 years, says that it is ever changing and evolving and that the workshops and their wide remit just gets better and better. Participants agree.

DT is community based which means that it aligns with the Ho’oponopono belief that we are 100% responsible for our actions and that, as in shamanism, we are all connected. Within the groups Tina runs every three months, strong bonds and friendships develop and there is a sense of working as a team, if not family.

As well as personal therapy issues, the groups also address community matters and consider the bigger picture of how what we do in our lives can be a reflection of what is going on in the world and vice versa.

If you want to find out what is really behind your decisions and behaviour and know that you are in a totally safe, non-attacking, blame free environment then DT would be for you. It is a perfect vehicle for personal growth. DT is also enormously fun and the workshops are full of humour.

In direct therapy, DT is an excellent tool for getting straight to the heart of any issue be it work related, family relationships, money & success, health, addictions so there is no limit to the applications.

Come and join us! It will probably be one of the best things you ever do.