Deep Memory Process
“In order to help all living beings in their seemingly unavoidable suffering, we put on the tender armour of compassion, not only for men but for all living entities, seen and unseen.“ HIS Holiness the XVIth Gyalwa Karmapa – quote about Compassion

To watch Roger Woolger work using Deep Memory Process is, in Tina’s opinion, to watch compassion in action. Sadly, Roger Woolger is no longer on the earth plane and he is sorely missed.

Here is Tina’s personal and professional take on being a DMP Practitioner

DMP is the brainchild of Dr Roger Woolger and is a creative synthesis of Jung, Freud, Reich, Psychodrama, Spiritual Psychology and Shamanic Healing. Where many therapies focus mainly on the mental level, DMP transforms mind, emotion and spirit in one comprehensive process. Tina has personal experience of this transformation from attending a 3-day training in Somerset in 2004 and indeed, many others with Roger.

What has been shown is that DMP is highly effective in the treatment anxiety, depression, phobias, stress, chronic pain, blocked feelings and especially childhood trauma and catastrophic trauma from seeming ‘other life’ residues embedded in the body to name but a few.

Roger’s work represents some 35 years of work and research in his field. He teaches this process worldwide, is a renowned speaker and an erudite man considered an expert on Carl Jung’s recently released ‘Red Book’. He also has huge compassion both as a therapist, transpersonal psychologist and teacher. He has been published many times and his book, Other Lives, Other Selves has become a landmark teaching publication. To read more about Roger go to or simply put Roger Woolger into your search engine. You will find Tina listed as an accredited practitioner. Tina graduated with Roger in 2006 and usually aims to attend one workshop or refresher with him annually.

Where there is a defeat, a complex arises - Carl Jung

Memories tend to be accessed through the body and sessions are carried out on a mattress on the floor and usually last around 2 hours. The incident of loss or defeat is found through body memory and is processed so that there is freedom and peace for the client.

If you feel drawn to this work Tina recommends that you obtain a copy of Roger’s book ‘Healing your Past Lives’ and that you contact her for a discussion.

For those people who don’t believe in past lives, which is fine of course, just think of past lives as stories told us by the unconscious mind which works in pictures, myths and legends.

Tina has many clients who have found peace and resolution through doing this work and who have often freed up old pain in their minds and bodies thus changing present discomfort. DMP for Tina remains as a flower still budding in its many uses and applications and a source of great joy as she works to clear the effects of the past on the human psyche.