Breathwork EM™


Breathwork and the EM™ method is one of the best and most effective ways of accessing, not only altered states of consciousness, but also memories trapped in the body from early life, sometimes even in utero. EM™ also reaches and releases trauma memories at any age. This method works with both MIND and BODY which is why the results of this therapy are lasting - the cognitions are not only intellectual but felt in the body as emotion and physical experience.

When a memory is recalled by all the senses and re-lived in the here and now through regression, the charge from the past memory will be erased. New decisions can be arrived at – choices can be made.

When we meet blocks in our lives it is difficult to believe that these can be from a time when we were just a baby but this comes up again and again in the EM™* process. The perception of a child and the experience of a child can lead it to believe that it is alone and abandoned but reality may simply be that Mum had to go away somewhere or was ill or that Dad was away at work; as children we don’t have discernment and can make decisions on how we act and behave for the rest of our lives based upon a mistaken belief about an event. It is scary to think that we could be run by a 6 year old with an unhelpful attitude or a baby, stuck in the birth canal thinking ‘life is a struggle’!


It is true that breathwork is often used as a medium to recall and release birth trauma but EM™ *does not set out for a specific destination in the body memory of the client. Rather it allows and encourages the client to let the breath take them where they most need to go at the time. The body, through the breath, will show the way. Birth often does come up in sessions as this energy is naturally tapped into, as do childhood trauma memories yet, having cleared these, clients regularly report being able to access states of peace and bliss. It is a unique and transformational experience.

Tina’s training was both comprehensive and extensive beginning in Scotland and then continuing in Australia over two long and intensive trainings from 2000 through 2002. Her own experience of receiving breathwork sessions was life changing and spurred her on to go to Australia and continue with the master himself, Ron Urquhart. Ron studied possible negative patterning from birth and childhood over a 20 year period and created a remarkable system which is entirely safe, even for children.

Tina is not only a practitioner but a qualified trainer in EM™*. The Empowerment International organisation is no longer in existence after the tragic death of its founder, Ron Urquhart, in 2005. Ron’s legacy lives on in his practitioners worldwide and in those who trained and practice and teach these methods.

How can these negative patterns affect us now?

A forceps birth can manifest in. "I can’t finish anything"

A long and difficult birth can be “life’s a struggle; I don’t want to be here”

Separation at birth through circumstances “ I have to do it alone; I don’t deserve help; I don’t want to be here”

All you, the client, has to do is lie down and breathe and enjoy the journey and the discoveries therein.

Sessions are usually around 2.5 hours and take place whilst fully clothed and lying on the floor on a mattress.