About Tina


Tina brings 15 years of direct experience as a therapist both in the practical and behavioural field but also in the spiritual arena. She brings a forthright compassion and understanding laced with empathy and a proactive outlook which is fearless. Tina is happy to talk about God or, if you prefer, a higher power and has no hesitation in calling grace into this work.

Having attended a Quaker boarding school, Tina originally trained in Business Studies in 1970 at St. Albans College of Further Education. From working in other people’s businesses for 8 years, she went into the entertainment world as a deejay/compere working all over the UK and in Europe entertaining between 1,000 and 6000 people per week for five years. She is understandably very comfortable running workshops and lecturing which she does regularly both in the UK and abroad. Whilst working in the music industry in Edinburgh in 1980, Tina found Samye Linge Tibetan Centre in Eskdalemuir, Scotland and was offered and took refuge as a Buddhist in 1997. Tina brings the understanding and compassion that comes from some 30 years of meditation practice.

Her fascination with psychology began as early as 1970 when she worked as a volunteer for the Probation Service and then in a Kent prison running a weekly discussion group with inmates and subsequently teaching remedial English 3 nights per week to young offenders.

She has never lost this passion for the workings of the human mind and indeed is currently in a study programme with the Centre of Stress Management in the cognitive and behavioural therapies and in further deepening her understanding.

Wanting to be in a helping profession and being very practical in nature, Tina started a driving school aimed at assisting women in getting their independence back after having had their families and needing greater freedom and mobility when returning to the workplace. This was a successful business but was abruptly ended following a serious car crash in 1990.

This event later became a blessing as it brought Tina to the healing profession. She was faced with a life threatening disease as a result of the shock trauma from the accident and her own healing process came to be a great teacher. It was a long road to recovery, during which time she undertook learning the hands on healing system of energy work called Reiki which was just the first step to total recovery.

Tina & her horse Simultaneously to the energy work training, she studied with Monty Roberts, the world renowned horse ‘whisperer’ at West Oxfordshire College in Whitney undertaking Monty’s Preliminary Certificate in Horsemanship. She worked with troubled horses with behavioural and health issues as a result of meeting and working with such a wonderful soul as Monty. Tina regards this period as a huge privilege and gift never to be forgotten. You will find information about Monty on www.montyroberts.com and a very worthwhile read is the 6 million bestseller book, The Man Who Listens to Horses.

Tina became locally known as a horse healer and this aspect of the work expanded to include cats and dogs; then the owners of the pets started asking if they too could receive some of the energy their pets benefited from so much. Tina soon realised that to work with people she needed more knowledge – people are typically more defended than animals – and so began a journey into the search for knowledge and effective therapies with a particular leaning towards trauma clearing. This journey is on-going as the quest for knowledge and good practice never ceases.

Tina’s interest in her work is on-going and inspiring for her. She loves the approach of Dr. Hew Len Ihakalea and the Ho’oponopono. At the same time she knows the importance of fresh air, being with family, walking, gardening and travel and enjoys all of these aspects to life. Practising what she believes in she is a regular visitor to the local gym and walks in the woods as often as possible. She is interested in cookery, reading, theatre, travel and healthy living.

Tina can call upon the assistance of other therapists both locally and in the wider market from the many groups she is in worldwide and works as a team with those people to support the work she does.

If she can’t help you, she will help you find somebody who can where ever possible.

Whether it is Counselling, Roger Woolger’s Deep Memory Process (DMP); short term Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) or Rational Emotive Therapy (REBT); Leadership groups; Dynamic Theatre or Negative energy/spirit release or Stress Management, there is always a way through if you are willing to work.